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Crafting Unique
Luxury Experiences.

Our Earth, One Family.

If luxury becomes sustainable,
Sustainability starts making profit,
making profit becomes sustainable.

Fermento redefines luxury in the hospitality sector. By blending meticulous craftsmanship with a keen understanding of each client's unique vision, we craft experiences that are both bespoke and memorable. At Fermento, it's not just about sustainability—it's about tailoring every detail to perfection.

Our Bespoke Services


Our core strength is personalization. We shape distinct brand stories for hotels, ensuring each element aligns seamlessly with their singular identity. This includes the creation of bespoke beverages like artisanal spirits and locally-sourced beers, each tailored to match the essence of the establishment. While these products are environmentally considerate by virtue of their origin, their true distinction lies in their customized nature. Beyond beverages, our services encompass a wide range of tailored solutions from ambiance design to curated keepsakes for guests. With Fermento, hotels aren’t simply choosing sustainability; they're opting for unparalleled personalization, setting themselves apart in an increasingly competitive landscape.



We form partnerships with players that operate according to the sustainability values: Respect for the natural environment, sense of community, quality of life and economic value as a mean and not an end.

Contact us

At Fermento, we believe in forging genuine connections and understanding the intricate needs of our clients. To truly appreciate the depth and breadth of our bespoke services, we invite you to reach out to us. Let's engage in a conversation that delves into your vision, tailoring solutions to match. Rest assured, in alignment with our core values of sustainability and integrity, we promise no spam, no invasive emails, and your contact details remain confidential with us. Because at the heart of every service, lies our commitment to ethical and honest engagement.